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Canadian Gold Mining

canadian gold mining

    canadian gold
  • Hockey Night in Canada (often abbreviated Hockey Night or HNIC) is a television broadcast of National Hockey League games in Canada, produced by CBC Sports.

  • The process or industry of obtaining coal or other minerals from a mine

  • laying explosive mines in concealed places to destroy enemy personnel and equipment

  • (mine) get from the earth by excavation; "mine ores and metals"

  • the act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth

canadian gold mining - The Mining

The Mining Valuation Handbook: Mining and Energy Valuation for Investors and Management

The Mining Valuation Handbook: Mining and Energy Valuation for Investors and Management

Globally, equity markets have experienced a rollercoaster of fortunes in recent years, particularly in resource and commodity prices. The Mining Valuation Handbook is the most comprehensive guide to mining valuation on the market. This third edition provides up-to-date information and unravels some of the mystery surrounding the resources industry.
The Mining Valuation Handbook provides mining information for the financial industry, and financial information for the mining industry. Readers will gain a greater understanding of:
feasibility studies
commodity values and forecasting
classification of resources and reserves
hedging commodities and exchange rates
valuation and pricing techniques
quantifying risk
dealing with inflation
share price performance
commodity profiles.
Author Dr Victor Rudenno provides readers with valuable insight into the resources sector. The Mining Valuation Handbook is an essential addition to the libraries of astute investors and mining and financial analysts.

85% (10)

Tailing Ponds, Premier Mine, Premier, British Columbia

Tailing Ponds, Premier Mine, Premier, British Columbia

The international boundary between Alaska and B.C. was officially designated in 1903 by a commission established to resolve the Alaska-Canada boundary dispute. The Commission was made up of members from Canada, the United States, and Great Britain.

The boundary area just below Premier, B.C., was referred to as Silver Heights. From the 1920s to the early 1950s miners going to work and residents of Premier Mine Camp had to stop here at a Canadian Customs building. The boundary line is 500 m (550 yd) back down the road and is marked by a small silver coloured cairn on the east side. Every ten years the entire length of the boundary, from Hyder north, is cleared.

The Premier Gold Mine, under several owners, produced steadily from 1918 until 1953, then sporadically for another few years. It was extremely profitable for most of its life, paying out about 22 million dollars in dividends. In 1975, the huge seven-storey main bunkhouse was still stable enough to wander through.

In 1975, there were still ocuments of all kinds strewn around the Premier Gold Mine office, though the roof had been collapsed by heavy snow, with the steel beams bent like they were made of tin.

The panorama below looks across the tailings-filled valley to the slope where the Premier Gold Mine used to be. September 14, 2002.

Premier was a large gold mining camp in British Columbia, Canada some 18 miles from Stewart. It ran from the years 1918 to 1953 and was a large employer in the area. Huge bunkhouses, generators, concentrators, machine and cook houses sat on the hillside. A road provided access to the area, snowfall pending. Horses and cat tractors were used.

Strangely Premier was closer to Hyder, Alaska, USA some 14 miles away, but the mine was in Canadian territory. The international aspects of the operation provided some interesting details on men's entertainment. Liquor was legal in Canada, while bawdy houses were not. Hyder did a lively business in providing entertainment.

The mine was reopened as an open pit in 1987 by Westmin Resources. The Granduc copper mine is nearby; and there are other properties--BC Silver, Newmont, and Skyhawk.

The Granduc Road continues along the river, passing the Riverside Mine site just before reaching the Canadian border. This small mine was active during the early 1900s, but now only rusting equipment and scattered timbers remain. Soon after crossing into British Columbia, the road climbs into a side valley and passes beneath the enormous Westmin Premier Mine, which
produced gold and silver between 1919 and 1954. It now employs only a skeleton staff. You can get the best view of the enormous tailings heaps, produced by decades of hard-rock mining, from the far side of the leaching pond.

Dude Gold Mine

Dude Gold Mine

Bronco doesn't believe me that he's munched down my last sandwich. Two friends and I are at a small, private gold mine near Dome Lake, north of Yellowknife. We collected loose quartz with allowance to keep any pieces with visible gold or VG. Some two tons of handcobbing later, we found just a few miniscule specks. Oh well. The owner later processed our pile and recovered a couple of ounces of gold. So our dude mining made for good grade. Fun weekend out in the bush, though.

canadian gold mining

canadian gold mining

Mining Economics and Strategy

Economic skill is an essential partner to technical skill in every step of the mining process. An economic "mindset" begins before the first drill hole. This new book will help you effectively direct mining operations through the use of innovative economic strategies.
The text covers what is meant by a cost-effective mining scheme, the economics of information, and the procedures for rational evaluation of uncertain projects. It defines "ore" from an economic perspective and covers the influence of scheduling on ore reserves.
Discounted cash flow techniques, the most widely used evaluation technique for investment decision making, is covered in detail. The assumption of the use of spreadsheets is unique to this book. The application of DCF techniques in an operating mine environment is given expanded coverage and examples are drawn from real-life studies.
The differences between economic decision-making--a forward-looking task--and the reporting of results via accounting methods--a backward-looking activity are reviewed. Capital and decision-making procedures associated with capital investments in a risk environment are given extensive coverage. Case studies for capital investment in an operating mine are included. Comprehensive examples investigate "value" from a risk-reduction perspective and from an "expected return on investment" perspective.
This book offers solutions to the problem that many mining projects fail to achieve expectations because of their inability to adapt to change. A new technique is explained that allows calculation of capital that is "at risk" from capital that is not at risk. This promises significant advances in the way that investments are made and capital is valued in the industry.
The book concludes with a brief review of the historical setting and knowledge difficulties in any mining-related investment, and how these issues might also influence the success of investments in the future.

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